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HIGHLIGHTS of district programs & initiatives funded by the DFSF


The International Baccalaureate Program:

Rigorous pre-college academic program open to all high school students. 


New Pianos for Springhurst:

Purchased 4 new pianos for music instruction and performance.


New computers:

Purchased and installed new computers for Springhurst, Middle School and High School computer labs.


Advanced Science Research Lab:

Purchased and installed equipment and software in the high school, where the work of Intel Science Talent Search semi-finalist Niki Tsamis was done.


Middle School Math Lab:

Purchased and installed equipment and software with assistance from IBM for hands-on technology programs.


TV Studio:

The DFSF initiated and funded this state of the art facility used by both High School and Middle School students.


Audio Recording Studio:

Purchased and installed electronic keyboards and recording equipment, facilitating the study of audio recording and sound engineering.


Destination Imagination:

Provided support to winning teams from all three schools to attend DI Globals in Tennessee in 2008.


MS Journalism:

Funding for a program allowing students to write, design and produce their own newspaper.


Clearwater Classroom:

Annual all-day seminar on board a Hudson River sloop enhancing experiential learning in both science and social studies.


Environmental Art:

Funded a two month residency for 5th grade to study environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy and create their own earthworks.


Math On-Line:

Purchased one year of the math on-line service used for practice and reinforcement at home and at school in conjunction with Springhurst’s math curriculum.


Language Lab:

Purchased Language Lab for use by High School and Middle School foreign language classes.


Springhurst Playgrounds:

Planned, purchased, and installed the Georgiene Dempsey Kindergarten playground and the first and second grade playground with the Board of Education.


Publishing Room:

Complete upgrade of the Springhurst Publishing Room including new computers, software and binding equipment.


Reading Incentive Program:

The Principal Kissed a Pig! funded the extraordinary reading initiative at Springhurst in 2008, where students read over 20,000 books to see Principal Berry kiss a pig.


Outdoor Classroom:

Provided major funding to support creation of an outdoor learning area for K-5 students to study sustainable gardening and environmental stewardship.  Also includes a performance space for individual classroom use.


MS/HS Auditorium Renovation:

Contributed funds toward the refurbishment and renovation of the MS/HS Auditorium and provide support for the District’s ongoing fund raising efforts for the renovation.



Partnered with the district and NY State elected officials to purchase and install interactive whiteboards in classrooms and libraries of all three schools.


Classroom Libraries:

In Springhurst and the Middle School, these libraries facilitate instruction for students with varying reading levels to support reading goals set for the year. Springhurst funds were raised through matching grants of parents and the PTSA.


Sound Systems:

State-of-the-art sound systems for the cafeteria and new gymnasium at Springhurst.


Performances and Workshops:

Visits by renowned performers from the Westchester Philharmonic, The Joffrey Ballet, Philharmonia Virtuosi, American Ballet Theater, Mayhem Poets Performance Poetry and many more.



The DFSF is the underwriter of the IB scholarship winners and Personal Achievement scholarship winners of each graduating class.  This fund also provides need-based support for students to attend travel programs and field trips in our district.


See, Hear, Feel, Film:

Third grade teachers were trained in a media literacy program which encourages students to be active, critical viewers of film and video.


A Walk Through Picasso’s Art Studio into Monet’s Garden:

A year-long art appreciation curriculum for the 1st grade including hands-on work, museum visits and a collaboration with 4th grade students for art and writing projects.


Rivertowns Art Council Mentors Program:

Paired high school artists with professional artists from the Rivertowns.


Music Lessons:

Helped implement the OVATION program, which provides high-quality musical instruction for a broad range of instruments at a reasonable price to district families who wish to take private lessons.


...and there's MORE...


• Final Cut Pro Film Editing Workshop

• Springhurst Teachers As Readers Program

• Differentiated Instruction Professional Development

• Teachers College Study Group at Springhurst

• Easy Writer Project

• New York Times for Journalism Course

• Teacher Training for IB Chemistry

Contextualizing Film at Jacob Burns Film Center

• Professional Lending Library in the MS

• Principal’s Center/Harvard University: Staff Development

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