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***Teachers please scroll to the bottom for Grant Application Forms and Tool Kit.
Curriculum Grant Applications deadline is October 16, 2017.***
Grants from 2013-2015

Fine Motor Center. Kindergarten. This innovative approach to building hand strength, dexterity and other fine motor skills lays the foundation for handwriting, independence, and classroom success.

Sign Language Learning. Kindergarten. This most kinetic form of communication stimulates the brain, increases vocabulary and reading ability and raises awareness of diversity.

Trip to Grand Central. 2nd grade. A commute on Metro North and a tour of the terminal and surrounding neighborhood provide real-world lessons tied to the social studies curriculum on communities.

Document Cameras. 1st grade. Document cameras allow teachers to project teacher or student created information on the SMART board.

Monet’s Garden. 1st grade. Funded the supplies for students’ exploration of the artistic work of Monet to be presented via an Art Show.

Wicked/Anti-Bullying. 5th grade. This Broadway experience provides an entertaining and timely backdrop to explore anti-bullying themes including prejudice and intolerance through character evolution.

Maritime Aquarium Field Trip. K-5th grades/ELL. An engaging and academically enriching science program that includes interactions with live sea animals, while also enabling teachers to evaluate English Language Learners in a non-traditional setting.

Enhancement of Kindergarten Playground. Kindergarten. A 2010 grant from the DFSF turned a dreary Kindergarten playground into a warm, inviting space with murals floor activities and toys, many of which are showing their wear. This grant provides new equipment including a giant crane, seesaw, blocks, basketball hoop and balls.

Eating the Alphabet. 1st grade. A multi- sensory curriculum centered on food exposes students to new and unusual food items while building vocabulary, language and nutritional awareness in a fun, engaging way. Funding by the DFSF for the second year, this innovative program will also include a field trip to the NY Botanical Gardens where students will learn about sustainability by building a worm bin. 

Science of the Superhero. K-5th grades. Two school-wide Assemblies (K-2 and 3-5) will capitalize on students’ enthusiasm for Superheroes and inspire them to write their own comic strips. This program is an extension of the successful Creating Comics Enrichment Cluster and makes it available school-wide.

ELL Field Trip to Wave Hill. K-5th grades/ELL. An engaging and academically enriching science and nature trip to Wave Hill that features mini activities from “Seeds We Need” to “Avian Adventurers” and enables teachers to instruct and evaluate English Language Learners in a non-traditional setting.

Extending the Garden Growing Season. K-5th grades. The Springhurst Outdoor Garden, literally seeded with a grant from the DFSF, has become a living laboratory for hands-on exploration and learning. This grant supplies the materials needed to extend the May-June growing season (e.g. nurturing seedlings in the classroom in preparation for Spring planting), while also funding the continuation of the organic garden. 

middle school & high school

IB Middle Years Program  6th-10th grades. The DFSF provided the funding that enabled the establishment of the IB Diploma program back in 1997, and has pledged $75,000 to fund professional development to support the MYP rollout. MYP will provide interdisciplinary connections across subject areas, IB preparation and continuity between the MS and HS.

Music in the Parks.  6th-8th grades/Music. Choir, orchestra and band students embark on a musical  field trip and compete against other schools before enjoying a special day at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Presentation Poster Printer.  10th-12th grades/Science. A much needed in-house resource that cost-effectively prints posters for regional, national and international science competitions.

E-Readers and iPods for the Library. 6th-12th grades.  To allow students and teachers access to the growing catalog of digital and audio books.

Literacy-Building Classroom Libraries. 7th-8th grades. The new and expanded libraries offer students more choices for independent reading while exposing them to genres that are typically not strongly represented in classroom libraries such as poetry, informational text, historical fiction, drama, tec.

Runaway Art: Interpreting Colonial Slave Ads. 7th grade. Students will study and interpret runaway ads, providing them with a deeper understanding of northern enslavement, before creating their own artwork for exhibition.

Museum of Tolerance. 7th grade. A trip to this hands-on museum challenges students to confront issues of prejudice, social and political injustice and diversity while empowering them to make a difference. 

Destination Imagination. 9th-12th grades.  To enable expansion of the HS program for this creative, critical thinking and improvisational skill-building team activity.

Dolan DNA Learning Center. 
11th and 12th grades. This memorable field trip provides forty- seven IB Biology students the opportunity to run experiments in a real- world genetics laboratory.

Physics Day at Six Flags. 11th and 12th grades. Students will experience aspects of acceleration, rotational motion, conservation of energy, and forces – big and small -- that are simply impossible to demonstrate in a classroom environment. 

professional development

Tri-State Consortium Performance Assessment Design Initiative (PADI). 1st-8th. Springhurst and MS teachers explore rigorous performance-based assessment models for determining student process.

Show Choir Camps of America. 6th-12th grades/Music Attendance at acclaimed camp featuring award-winning choreographers and choral directors provides tools and strategies to enhance student performance skills.

ISTE 2014 Annual Convention. 7th-12th grades/Science. Provides working solutions for technology integration in the classroom, specifically 2.0 teaching strategies and tools.

Professional Development for Singapore Math StrategiesK-5thgrades. To help align Singapore Math with the Common Core Curriculum.

Professional Development for Differentiated Learning. K-5thgrades. To provide strategies that improve differentiation in the classroom.

Professional Development for Writing Support. 5th-8th grades. To help administrators and teachers raise the quality of writing, teaching and learning.

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